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Tell us what you want to do and where you want to go and we will get you there and back.


Off road vehicles with 3.5 tone towing capacity, so trailer of your choice.

 We can get all your people and equipment to most remote locations in comfort and safety.

SPV licensed vehicles and passenger endorsed drivers.

Kayakers and boaters, Hikers and mountain bikers:

Transfer of watercraft and mountain bikes up to 4 Kayaks and eight people.

At the end or beginning of your adventure. Drop off and pick up. Kayak and safety equipment for hire. Hikers dropped off and picked up at the beginning or end of through hike sections. Basic hiking equipment for hire, overnight hut accommodation bookings.


Hunters and Fishers:

Remote location drops off or guided, with all your equipment and pick up all your catch. Ice chests supplied for game storage.

Spot trackers available, so we know exactly when to come and get you at the end of your adventure, or if an emergency.



We will get you close to your launch and/or retrieval location. our drivers will follow your spot trackers and retrieve you and your equipment from the nearest access road or track.


Personalised ski transportation to the ski field of your choice with lessons and child minding while you enjoy a few runs and we entertain your children in the training area.

We can assist with all your adventures, paragliding, guided kayaking and fishing, hut and camp accommodation.

Marque and portable unit hire. Hunting, hiking, biking, overnight remote hut experiences.


We can supply vehicles with trailers and drivers for personal discreet travel arrangements and tours.

On site availability of vehicles and drivers with all the local knowledge and special rates for weekly hire.

Various Tour Options


Bike drop off and/or pick ups on the trails

Kayak drop off and/or pick ups

Hunters Drop off and/or pick ups

Pick Up & Drop Off's

Full Day Tours, Half Day Tours, Multi Day Tours

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO what we recommend for you.


Dingle Burn Hiking & Hut Experience:

Dingle Burn hiking and hut experience or relaxing overnighters in the shearer’s quarters, bike, hike or kayak back down the lake to Hawea (If you like). Price on request and dependent on accommodation requirements. Hut costs are usually $5 per night per person if hiking only. Shearers quarters fully self-contained $230 per night minimum 2 nights $50 for extra people maximum 16 people plus transportation and kayak costs around $180 each way. Average for three people in the shearer’s quarters for two nights and Kayaking is $410 per person. Bring your own food and drinks. 


Macetown Goldmines:

Macetown gold mines and walk through the Motatapu track 3 nights in huts with pick up at the end of the track and drop off at accommodation in Wanaka. Transportation and hut costs only $150 per person 3-4 people. You will need basic hiking equipment, we can hire this on request.

Thomson Track & Bendigo Goldmines:

Thomson track and Bendigo gold mines drive through only this is usually a day trip with lunch at a Country Hotel at Omakau (or picnic lunch) then back to Wanaka via Cromwell wineries and fruit orchards. Full day starting 8.30 at your accomodation, including lunch $290 per person up to 8 people in two vehicles Minimum 2 people.

Local Wineries:

Local short tours of the wineries around Wanaka. $90 per person three hours duration, minimum 4 wineries and or brewery doesn't include cost of wine or beer. Up to 8 people two vehicles. 

Lakes and Rivers fishing and picnics:

Fishing trips will require the purchase of a day license. 3-4 people $120 per person minimum 2people. fishing equipment and picnic supplied usually 3-4hrs. Lake fishing from a boat by arrangement two hr and 3 hr trips from $150 per person min 4 people.


Personal Catered Tours:

Personal catered tours as required on request, based on transportation costs of $80 per hr. Accommodation at personal requirements we can make all your bookings up to 8 people in two vehicles. Japanese and French speaking drivers on request. Let us build your special tour to your preferred destinations.



Through hike some of the shorter walks Motatapu three nights in huts 4 day walk with drop of and pick up at both ends.  Te Araroa walk, Timaru Creek to Ahuriri 4 nights with drop off and pick up. Shorter walks Overnight Fern Burn, Bush hut on the dingle burn. Mt Aspiring huts one two or three nights. Or pick up and drop off at the very popular day walks. Mt Roy, Ridgline, Rocky Mountain, Diamond Lake and Many more. 



The selection of trails is many, some of the more popular big rides are Alps to Ocean, Central Otago Rail trail, Short rides Dingle burn station track follows the Lake from Dingle Burn to Hawea, Alexander river trail, Deans Bank, Clutha river trail, The Hawea river Trail follows the river back to Wanaka. We can arrange bike hire and transportation to your preferred location and there are so many options. Min $120 per person 3-4hr ride Hawea to Wanaka end with brewery or winery visit, min two people including bike hire based on drop of and pick up.


Lake to lake 5-6 hrs from the Clutha river outlet to Lake Dunstan $150 per person min 2 people. Matukituki river starting near Raspberry Flat following the braided river system to the mouth of the river at Lake Wanaka 3-4hrs $90 per person min 2 people, Wanaka Lake 2hrs from West Wanaka back to Wanaka at waterfall creek. We can currently supply a single and a double kayak for hire. Groups of up to 8 with own equipment, we can drop you off at your start location and return to home or hotel. 


Tandems by local experts, per person followed by river or lake visit, stop off at winery, then back to your accommodation package with tandem flight $320 without tandem flight $120 per person approx 3 hrs, Cross-country flights by special arrangement. Experienced pilots, site tours pick up and drop off with retrieve driver price on request.

Wine Tours:

At your request or our local set of tasting rooms during the day usually on demand Min 2hrs 3 people $50 per person after hours are by arrangement only.



Drop off and pick up at any of the local hunting blocks with cooler bins for transportation of spoils.


Pick and drop offs based on $80 per hr, transportation costs for bike and kayak includes trailer.


Kayak hire: Double $50 Single $30 per day. Spot tracker $20 per day.

Hiking and camping equipment prices available on request.


Personalised transportation and ski lessons for you and the kids with Miki,  you can go enjoy a few runs while we entertain your children in the training area. 

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